Here are examples of the services CRA Digital can provide to you. In our years of experience, we have been introduced and learned many different ways to utilize API solutions, as well introducing modern frameworks with our own customized touch which can make your site stand out from the rest.


Mobile Version of WileyPLUS

Designed and developed new mobile, responsive layout, for WileyPLUS homepage and key sections of the learning application. Using an Agile development cycle, and leveraging a coding framework known as Mobify, we were able to reach our target release date and produce a mobile friendly layout and user functionality within WileyPLUS for instructors and students alike.

Architectural Graphic Standards (link)

Developed custom WordPress integrated pages for special promotions and subscription page. Modified site home page and improved Responsive CSS in several key areas for users.


Data Visualization

Data visualization is very important in the digital world we live in. Companies, whether big or small, benefit from the ability to visually present how well their company or products are doing. I am proficient with multiple types of frameworks that can help present these numbers in an interactive way to your audience. All of this work is customizable and able to be suited to your needs.

Social Media Plug-ins

Social Media has reached a point where it's integral to our daily lives. We use it all the time, whether it's to read current events, find out the weather, follow your favorite team, or just as a way to express yourself and make your thoughts visible for all the world to see. Just like anyone else, you have a lot to say and I can make sure those expression are able to viewed by anyone who comes to your website.

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